They found a cat underneath all the matted fur…


Taking place in Auckland, New Zealand, a Persian cat was crying with pain. The cat’s fur has dangerously overgrown, and his life was on the line.

The cat, Shrek, was found by Megan Moss outside her home. She discovered the kitty who was pleading for someone to free him from his matted fur, and his absolutely saddening condition. It was not clear where the cat came from, or how he had survived beneath all this hard fur, but there was no doubt that Shrek needed quick help.


Megan described Shrek as a live ball of dreadlocks with big eyes. He was crying when she found him, and it made her cry, too. Megan quickly took Shrek and contacted the local animal rescue group, Gutter Kitties, to assist her. The cat was taken to the Orewa Veterinary Center, where vet Brett Finlayson carefully shaved his fur. The process took three hours. Although Shrek looks much better now, he still has a battle waiting for him. The battle of survival.

Unfortunately, the vet discovered that Shrek’s face and body had become infested with maggots. The toxins are putting a tremendous strain on Shrek’s body, and his rescuers are scared that Shrek won’t be able to survive from the pain. The maggots are still crawling out of places they have no right to be.  His life is on the line and he is struggling. The vets are trying their best, and they hope that Shrek will get better.


Danielle from Gutter Kitties raise awareness about the animals in the streets, saying that some people need to be vigilant about those poor creatures. If only someone had taken a chance to rescue this poor cat days before now, it would have made a huge difference. Even if you’re not religious, please pray for Shrek to pull through, and survive.

Share the story with your family and friends, ask them to pray for Shrek.