They Found A Collapsed, Sick Dog, Her Reaction When Rescuers Approached Her Was Priceless

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Animal Aid Unlimited had taken a lot of important steps in India in the last few years; they saved lots of dogs and animals and gave them a second chance at life. Many helpless cases are now living the life that they deserve, with lots of pure hearted volunteers who are ready to do whatever they can to save animals in India.

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This story is very touching.A few weeks ago, the photo of this dog spread in the internet, a skinny and terribly sick dog that is lying helpless on the floor was unable to move or raise her head. The volunteers of Animal Aid India had found the dog collapsed on the side of the street, with a wound on her leg. One of the volunteers held her between his hands and took her to the shelter where they can help her instantly.

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When they arrived there, they made a medical check for her, they found that this poor dog is having a canine distemper; it’s fatal within 14 days! Maybe the dog seemed weak, but she had a very strong desire to live. They started to give her a special treatment; they gave her antibiotics and IV fluids. What happened for her was a true miracle, she is good now. The story started with a heartbreaking situation, but it ended with lots of love and a happily wagging tail. The dog is finally eating and walking again.


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What the volunteers did to help this dog is amazing; we hope that one day, they can save all of India’s angels. Watch this rescue and share it with all of your family and friends.