They found a Pit bull dog in a huge trash heap, see the amazing rescue

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It’s very heartwarming to see rescuers in Hope for Paws doing their best to save animals in need. Isn’t it amazing? Seeing those people doing their best to save an animal in need is priceless, and as always, Hope for Paws’ volunteers are there, doing their best. They amaze us with their amazing short videos showing their rescues and this one is one of the most heartwarming rescues of all time

Hope for Paws received an urgent call about a Pit bull dog that wandered into a recycling facility, which was very dangerous on her life. When the rescue team arrived, they found the dog sitting inside rubbles of a huge trash heap; the Pit bull dog was very scared that she wouldn’t come out. The problem was how would the rescuers make their way to the pit bull dog, so the workers helped by making a path through the huge trash heap using a bulldozer

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The rescuer tried his best to catch the dog, but he was running and howling, he was terrified, and shockingly, the dog disappeared. The rescuers were ready to make another attempt on the next day, and thankfully they found him, but he kept running from them till they finally secured the area that he ran to. The pit bull dog was very worried at first but after 30 minutes he felt comfortable with the rescuers presence. He tried to come closer, the dog finally felt safe, he sat down and waited for some petting. They put the lucky leash on him and then took him safely to the shelter, and there it was, the time for a good bath

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They named him Thor, and thankfully the dog now is ready to be adopted, and now he is waiting for a home, if you are interested in adopting this cute dog, visit

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