They found a puppy with a mouth bound shut, help Otis find his abuser!


The easiest way for those heatless people to hurt a dog is to put a bound around a puppy’s mouth and leave it to die. Day by day, we hear the same story, but thankfully this dog was destined to be rescued.


This pit bull puppy dog was found in the streets wandering in pain with a tight wrapped electrical cord around his mouth. After they check the vet, they found that the dog was in this situation for at least two days. The heartless man who did this to the dog didn’t stop at this point, he also used a piece of cloth and put it around his neck, which caused it to be damaged and also a broken leg.


The puppy named Otis; he is 10 weeks old, a family found the puppy in their front yard. The person who found him immediately cut off the tape that was tied around the dog’s mouth to let him breath, and then he took him immediately to the St. John the Baptist Parish Animal Shelter for help.

The vet removed the puppy and treated the injuries; thankfully, she didn’t find damage to the inside of the mouth or the tongue.


.St. John the Baptist Parish Animal Shelter had posted the puppy’s photo, they are also offering a reward for information about the dog or who did this to him. The dog was found on June 4, 2015, it’s believed that the dog was tied near Manchester in Laplace. The heartless person who did this to the puppy will be arrested and charged.


Now the little puppy is released and now he is living in a foster home, once he is healed, he will be up for adoption, to find his forever home.


Photos credit: Animal Helper

Now help us find the one who is responsible for this by sharing Otis’s story.