They Found Him Couldn’t Walk At Puppy Mill Now Watch Two Days Later!

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Meet Daniel, he is one of 295 rescued dogs from a puppy mill in Arkansas lately. He was rescued by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

When they first found him, he was unable to use his front legs, he was in a very dark and dirty barn. They rushed to check on him and to examine what he was suffering from and offering him the medical care he needed.

Two days later, with the necessary medical care, he started to walk again. The little black puppy has a strong spirit and desire to live!

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Puppy mills are the place where dogs can face their worst nightmares. I’ve just remembered a story of a mother dog at puppy mill that was extremely terrified over her puppies. The mother dog’s footage made the authorities seize 16 dogs, in urgent need of veterinary care, and to issue a notice for the puppy mill operators to fulfill animal welfare standards.

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Hundreds of dogs get saved from puppy mills, and they are offered a second chance in life and they are always thankful for that, so are we. We are thankful for the organizations that save dogs from puppy mills, or save dogs in general from their abusing or abandoned lives.
However, dogs who get saved from puppy mills need time to start trusting people again, it’s hard to trust people when previously, the dog was abused or treated in a bad way from someone.

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