They found that horse starving, freezing, near death, but what happened next changed his life

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It’s one of the hardest stories ever. The World Horse Welfare received a call about a horse that was frozen, and actually dying. The rescue team went to the horse; they found the horse in a horrible situation, the horse was shaking and starving, he was about to die. The rescuers felt the responsibility to save the horse; they knew that they have to do something to save his life. They took the horse immediately to the vet for the medical check, thankfully his temperature returned back to normal after the medical treatment, they saw also some wounds on the horse’s body, it was very hard to believe the amazing transformation, it was miraculous. It’s unlike any you’ve seen before, I was speechless, and you won’t believe it

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Something here in this video will make you feel comfortable, when you see that people out there are saving and caring for these animals. Some people out there are saving those pure souls from some human monsters. Those people have devoted their life to help animals in need. They are there, making a change; they are a blessing on this planet

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The new fact that you have to know is that hooves are made of keratin which is used now for nails and hair. About the horses’ memory, horses actually are proven to have a very strong memory, also they are very smart. The Arabian horse is considered the best of all, it’s beautiful and amazing. Horses’ life span is between 25 to 30 years; their speed reaches 48 km/h. and their weight reaches 450 kg. One of the funniest facts about horses is that they can sleep standing up and lying down; they sleep normally in both situations. Horses have about 250 bones in their skeleton, and they also have bigger eyes than any other kind of mammals.