They Found This Dog On The Side Of The Road, And Then This Happened…

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When we see these amazing videos of rescuing dogs, we get that heartwarming feeling, we also love to share it to support those amazing people who are doing their best to rescue those stray dogs, just like these amazing rescuers in “Howl of a Dog” who amazingly rescued a stray dog and gave her a second chance at life, she was left alone, abandoned, lying at the side of the road, and by their help, she is now ready to start a new life.

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It all started when the rescuers were driving a dog to her new family, and surprisingly they found a dog that was lying on the side of the street near a parking, when they came closer they were amazed, they just found a very loving and friendly dog. The dog’s condition was not stable, it was a hot day, and the dog was very thirsty. They were happy that the trip ended with the rescue of another dog.

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The dog was feeling very happy for being saved, she was grateful, she was thanking them every minute for saving her life, now she is about to have a new life, a loving owner and a forever family. Maya is so good with other dogs, despite their size, she loves to play also, and she loves to discover toys, she didn’t see any of them before. She is so kind, she loves petties and cuddles.

Now all what we are wishing for Maya is to find her forever home, and someone whooffers her unconditional love. If you want to adopt Maya, you can visit , if you won’t adopt Maya, you can help this dog find an owner also be sharing this article with all your family and friends, maybe her owner is one of them.

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