They found two cats abandoned in a box, the end was miraculous!


It all started when the man went to his work, and while he was on his way home, he noticed a box in the middle of nowhere in the road. Then he rushed to his home and told his daughter about that box, so they went back together to the box’s place to take a closer look. They came closer and they saw that the box was hidden by the heavy snow. The box was located in a far place, where no homes were around, no cars and no people around. It was too far from any houses or buildings, and they were shocked to find out what was inside, and it was just heartbreaking. They found TWO CATS inside the box, and their situation was extremely dangerous, the cats were sick, starving and cold. They immediately took the box with them to their home; they warmed the cats and fed them, and gave them baths, their shape became a little better. They noticed that the cats couldn’t be separated, each time they separate them they started to meow and scream, they were meowing over and over again. The family offered them lots of endless love and warmth. There was a cat that was tinier than the other, so they rushed to the vet with the tiny one, but the vet told them that the tiny cat will make it later after feeding her well.

The person who had left the kittens in the box is a cold hearted person. It already seemed that it was done on purpose, it’s inhumane to leave such little kitties abandoned in the middle of nowhere, but thankfully there is still some kindness left in the world. If the father didn’t see the box, the cats would be dead by now. We are very thankful to the family who kept the cats at their home, and offered them the life they deserve.












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