They heard a trapped crying puppy in need to be rescued, then, an amazing thing happened!

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Deepika a beautiful mother lives in India with her husband and their two children. One night the children has heard the voice of crying dog, upon checking the neighborhood, they found the beautiful dog fallen into a deep well, so they called Animal Aid Unlimited, India for help to rescue, who came on the morning and started to rescue the dog, one of them has been attached to a rope and went into the well trying to save the dog to no avail, till he could catch the dog and his companions has tightens the rope and the beautiful dog has restored his life, Once they succeeded, a joyful thing has happened, the little guy has ran searching for his mom, once he seen her, he didn’t stop wagging his tail when he was finally reunited with his entire pack

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Thanks to Deepika and their beautiful children spirit has been saved. Thanks for those good hearted people on the earth. This video is full of emotion and love. If you are dog lover, here are some facts about dogs. Puppies are born blind, without teeth and the ability to hear. Their eyes only open at around 10 to 14 days old, and their hearing will start after this. Their teeth start coming through at 6 weeks. During the first week of a dog’s life, 90% of their time is spent sleeping, and 10% is spent eating. Puppies are considered adults when they are one year old. The domestic dog is a descendant of the grey wolf, in a process that took around 100,000 years. The nickname “man’s best friend” is believed to have come from a courtroom speech in Missouri America in 1870 where a farmer was suing his neighbor who shot his dog


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