They Hugged Each Other, But The Dog’s Reaction Was The Cutest Ever

9-5-2015 2-21-45 PM

Dogs are absolutely beautiful, they can’t get enough of love and petting, and sometimes they turn to be jealous when they see their owners kissing or hugging. Love and hugs are the only things that dogs won’t get enough of. I think that that hug is better for dogs than anything else, and in the same time, it’s better for you, you are the one who feels happy and loved when you hug your dog deeply.

9-5-2015 2-22-26 PM

These owners know that their dog gets jealous when they see them hugging, so they wanted to show people how their dog reacted like when they hug each other.So they set up a camera and hugged each other in front of their dog that was standing on the couch watching them, but the dog’s reaction was absolutely hilarious. The dog started to bark loudly each time they hugged each other, the dog is not feeling any shame to show his jealousy, he wants them to hug him too.

9-5-2015 2-22-39 PM

What the owners did in the end was amazing, they held their dog and wrapped him with their arms kindly, aww. Isn’t it amazing? It is the cutest thing ever to watch. It’s true, dogs give unconditional love, but that is what they want in the end, to be loved by their owners unconditionally. Share the love with your dogs; give them endless love like they do! Especially when you have a cute dog like that one in the video, if I have one, I will stay hugging him all day.

So try it now with your dog, and tell us how he reacted like when he saw his owners hugging. Watch this awesome video now and if you find it cute, don’t hesitate to share it with all of your family and friends.