They made a wheelchair for their disabled dachshund dog using a 3D printer.

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When you see a disabled dog, your hear feels broken, but when you see that dog having fun, facing the difficulties, getting over his disables, you feel then how strong dogs are, and how can they inspire you. Here you will meet the cute dachshund dog named Bubbles. Bubbles the dachshund dog was disabled, he was born without his own front legs, he have lots of difficulties in his life, simply, he can’t move around and run like a normal dog. Trevor Byers and Elissa Smoak owned the dog, the couple tried their best to find a solution for their beloved dog, and thankfully after lots of researches, they decided to help their dachshund dog with a wheelchair. They didn’t think a lot from where they should get it; they decided to make it all by themselves. All what they will do is to do more researches to figure out how to make a wheel chair for Bubble.


First, they bought a 3D printer, and guess what, Bubbles the dachshund dog was the reason to buy one, then by using a combination of carbon fiber and 3D-printed parts and a model airplane that they designed. The fact about that wheelchair that it’s very cheap than any other existing wheelchairs, and also it’s very light in weight, and the most important of all, it was made with love.

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In this video, you will see Bubbles, the dachshund dog, enjoying his time playing with his friends, running and playing, he is finally moving like a normal dog. You will notice in the video how pretty colored is this wheel, and also how light it looks. This cute dog deserves it, and now he is facing all the disabilities and having fun, all thanks to his loving owners.

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