They moved away, leaving their dog abandoned in streets for a year, the transformation is magical.

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Isn’t it amazing? Seeing those people doing their best to save an animal in need is priceless, and as always, Hope for Paws’ volunteers are there, doing their best. They amaze us with their amazing short videos showing their rescues and this one is one of the most heartwarming rescues of all time.


In Campton, two volunteers noticed a dog that was hiding under a trailer, and when they checked at him, they were totally shocked to found that he is like a ball of knotted long muddy hair. They tried to give him food but the dog didn’t eat it. The volunteers asked the neighbors, so they said that the owners of the dog moved a year ago, leaving their dog abandoned in streets.

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The dog tried to escape, he refused to come closer to anyone, and he was terrified and scared that he ran for a long time trying to hide from the volunteers. After so many attempts, the volunteers caught the dog, the dog was terrified, he was scared from any human touch, after all that he faced, he should be scared. The dog screamed and jumped, tried to escape, but thankfully, he calmed down later, he started to trust the man, he knew that he is here to help him. When they took the dog to the care, he felt very comfortable; it’s the first time to feel safe since he was abandoned.

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They took the dog immediately to the vet; they gave him a bath and started to shave him, removing the knotted coat. Sadly, the dog was very broken inside; his spirit was so down, he doesn’t want to play. After two weeks, an amazing transformation happened, see how his amazing personality showed up, and watch how he played in the end with the pit bull dog.

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