They put an empty box in front of big cats, what happened was unexpected.


Every cat owner knows the fact that cats are so much in love with boxes, they try their best to get into it and they spend an amazing time inside. So, what about big cats? You will be surprised to see what is inside this video, the video makers put a big box in front of lions and tigers and leopards, and you won’t believe how they reacted to it, the big cats were very curious about it, you will be totally surprised to see them forgetting about the hunting, and all what they think about right now is how to fit in the box or get into it. I couldn’t stop laughing at it! It’s totally hilarious


If we think about what cats are mostly obsessed with, we will find that most cats are obsessed with boxes, and the truth is, cats love private places, they like to sit in them for a good period of time because they feel secured and safe around it, and they really enjoy it. Or they like to play in it because it’s a thing in her haunting primitiveness that she likes to hide while haunting. I think it’s a nice thing to sit in a little box, also cats love plastic bags, and they love to sit in it.


And about cats’ obsessions, cats are obsessed with lots of things such as stuffed animals, and mirrors. The question here is what makes cats love boxes? The moment they see one, they get insane. And they will try most of the time to hide inside it, maybe because she loves to hide so that’s why she hides in it, Whatever the reason is, it’s a funny thing how cats tried to fit in boxes and hides in them. It’s funny also to share this with your friends, let them feel the fun.