They rescued this puppy two days ago, what he did to the baby was amazing.

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This video is incredibly cute; it shows the true love from puppies to kids. But this cute scene is not just few moments that captured a moment between a dog and a baby, there is a story behind all of this. It all started when the parents of the cute baby found the little puppy tied to their fence, two days before this video was captured. They took the puppy inside, and they decided to keep him, and the bond was created instantly between the baby and the puppy. As the parents said, this video was captured long time ago, from a few years. Now the dog is all grown up, healthy, lovable and beautiful. The parents said that the bond between both the girl and the puppy is stronger than ever. I wonder what the baby will feel right now when she sees this amazing video.

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You will see in this video that the dog is feeling sleepy; he wants to have a nap, the puppy can’t keep his eyes opened, and while watching the baby sleeping, he came closer towards her and slept on her. Isn’t it the sweetest thing ever?
It’s amazing to raise your kids to love animals, don’t teach your kid to harm them, teach them to be merciful on animals and kind to them, besides having a pet in your home, this will teach your kid lots of amazing morals.
Want to watch more amazing moments between sweet babies and their beloved four legged friends? Watch this amazing compilation that shows the most beautiful moments between animals and babies, it will bring you lots of joy.

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Tell us your experience between your dog and your baby in the comments below, and after watching this cute video, don’t hesitate to share it between your family and friends.

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