They saw a horse in trouble, when they got closer… See what those men did to her

In some situations or some animal rescuing stories, we think about “what if that man was not there at this moment? What would have happened for that creature if there wasn’t anyone around for help? At this point you find that it’s all destined. This story is all about destiny, it all started on the Loughor Estuary marshland in Gower, South Wales.

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Where two men were there, and they were totally shocked to find a horse that seemed to be in trouble, so they came closer towards the horse to make sure that it’s ok

They started to come closer towards the horse and it was totally shocking when they found that the horse’s hoof became tangled in the horse’s mane, which leads that the horse can’t even stand up or walk, sadly the horse was left helpless, with no one to help her, only the little pony was roaming around like he was trying to get some rescue or he was feeling worried about the white horse

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Now watch what the men did! It was something priceless. They pelted the horse and calmed her down, then they started to free her hoof from that tangled mane, by the end they freed the horse’s hoof, they left the horse and waited to check if the horse can walk or there is something that happened to her leg. But thankfully, after a few seconds the white horse stood up and walked with the brown pony, she was healthy and walking normally. By the end, the men showed the tangled mane that they cut to free the horse. They are heroes, if they were not there, the horse would be in trouble

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