They Saw Something On The Whale’s Back, The Truth Was Shocking Yet Amazing


Anything about sea creatures is always amazing, fish, seals, and also whales. Maybe whales are wild, but there is a deep friendship between whales and the sea creatures.  This video is proof of how friendly they are. The people on the boat were filming the whale, they were really enjoying the view, but they were not ready for what they saw.


There were amazed by what they saw, they found something stuck on the back of the whale, and when they had a closer look, they found that it was a seal! Isn’t it surprising? What an amazing thing to capture, it will really amaze the world to see something like this. How are they this friendly? It’s like they are playing together. It’s adorable to see such interactions between the sea creatures. Everything about whales is stunning.


What do you know about seals? First, seals’ real name is Pinniped, they use their flippers to walk  on land, or to pull their bodies out of water. They have a thick coat of blubber combined with a thick coat of fur, which protects them from the cold. Their eyes are big and round to help them see. Seals have sharp hearing skills coupled with a strong sense of smell in and out of the water.   Seals are able to hold their breath for a long time using the oxygen stored inside them.

It’s a surprising video, now watch this amazing footage, and if you really like it, don’t hesitate to share it now with all of your family and friends, especially those who are interested in sea-life.