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They surprised their dog with 800 tennis balls in his birthday, his reaction was priceless.

4-22-2015 3-09-35 AM

This is what I call the magic of the tennis balls, this owner and her family obviously loves their dog very much, so they decided to give him a special gift on his birthday. Their Golden Retriever dog loves to play fetch and loves to play with tennis balls, so they prepared about 800 tennis balls on the floor. Imagine how their dog will react like when he finds 800 tennis balls! It’s like playing in wonderland. They opened the door to joy, and the Golden Retriever dog, once he saw those 800 tennis balls, he couldn’t resist it, he swam inside of them, his heart was about to stop from joy, he didn’t know which ball to catch first. The dog’s dream came true! It’s a special reward for the dog in his birthday.

4-22-2015 3-10-07 AM

This video will bring joy and happiness to all of you. And if you are waiting for your dog’s birthday, it will be a nice idea for a gift, tennis balls or balloons, they will pop it all up, or some stuffed toys will be amazing for dogs, the will keep on chewing them all. And it’s also very amazing to see families who are doing their best to bring joy to their pets; also it’s amazing to surprise them. Celebrating your dog’s birthday, it’s a way of showing love to your dog. Buy your dog a new collar, it’s like buying new clothes, or go buy him some toys from the pets’ shop. The most important thing is food, give your dog the food he likes, if there is some food not allowed, give him some of it but not much, and don’t forget about the cake, a dog shaped birthday cake will be amazing, also buy your dog some of his favorite treats or even make him some in home.

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