They tried to rescue this dog for 6 hours, but what happened next is heartwarming.

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Another Hope for Paws rescue mission that will leave us speechless. It all started when they received an email about a stray dog that no one can rescue. As neighbors said, the dog was living in the streets for about three months. She faced lots of horrible circumstances, she was abused many times, she survived a paintball gun, a BB gun and she was hit by a car, and no one stood there to help her. That’s why the dog was so terrified from people and she was very scared of them.

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The rescuers tried to catch the dog for six hours, but she won’t let them get any closer, she can’t trust humans anymore. Luckily, every day the dog goes to someone’s home to get some food leftovers on the porch, so they figured out a plan to convert the porch into a trap so they can catch the dog, for that they used mesh fencing.

After more than three hours waiting, the dog finally showed up, she is coming for dinner. Suddenly, something unexpected happen, the dog met a dog friend and she was very interested about meeting him, so the volunteer asked the lady who was walking the dog to help them walk the stray dog to the porch. It was easy later to put the leash on the dog, but it seemed that the dog was very nervous, she was very worried, but later she started to trust the volunteer.

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They took the dog immediately to the vet and they were shocked to find a BB gun pellet only two inches away from her heart! She is a lucky dog. And now the cute Perry is having some training lessons to learn to trust people. Now you can donate for Perry and other dogs by visiting www.hopeforpaws.org