This 17-Year-Old Dog Gets The Best Promise From His New Owner


This story is about an adorable senior dog named Rocky! He may not be able to go up stairs or even hear well! All of these meant nothing when he found a real loving adoptive mother who she believes he is “the best gift” she ever had!

Rocky is a 17-year-old senior dog who was recently taken to Anne Arundel County Animal Control. It was thought that his last days will be spent in a shelter, but, lucky Rocky, he got adopted by a young couple. Maybe this was the reason behind the senior dog’s non-stop smiles!


Some friends of Anne Arundel County Animal Control shared more details about Rocky’s inspirational story on their page on Facebook:

“As you can see from the big smile on his face, life remains good for Rocky, the 17-year-old dog recently adopted from AACAC by a young Ft. Meade couple,” wrote FAACAC. “They’ve discovered that, along with walks, naps while they are gone and sticking tight by their sides when they’re home, Rocky loves Frosty Paws, an “ice cream” for dogs, which he gets as an occasional treat.”


They are determined to make up on him and make his time with them the best time as possible as they can  and his new mother wrote him a promise:

“I took you on knowing we were going to have to take extra care of you. Knowing that one day you weren’t going to make it outside in time to use the restroom and I would have to clean it up.

“I knew one day I was going to have to carry you up the stairs when you no longer have the strength to do it. I knew you were going to eventually lose your hearing and eyesight and we were going to have to spend extra money to make the house safer for you. I knew one day I am going to have to say goodbye to you.


“But until then you are the best gift I have ever gotten and I’m really sad I couldn’t give you the best 17 years you deserved, but I promise you’ll have a great life from now to the day I have to say goodbye!”


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