This Abused Cat Was Dyed Pink And Left In A Cage, Until This Happened…


Have you ever seen a dyed pink cat? Well, you will see one now! Few months ago we heard about that green cat, when his photos spread the internet, people were amazed by his beautiful look and color, and they kept on asking why Moggy is a green coated cat. The cat was just sleeping on a pile of synthetic green paint in a garage, so he was painted like this with this beautiful vibrant appearance.


But today’s color is pink, but sadly it’s not a kind of a funny story, it’s a story of abuse. The abuser of this cat took abuse to a whole new level, this kitten in Bahrain was spotted in one of the market, and now she is making news headlines, and the reason is because of how it looks.


The four month old kitten faced horrible abuse, it all started when Bilal Aslam was at the town market, when he found this bright pink kitten locked in cage! The boy captured photos and posted it on Facebook immediately. The SPCA knew about the cat and rushed immediately to the market where they decided to rescue the cat.

The rescuers named the little kitten Pinky, and now they are taking care of that kitten. The vets made a medical check for her and they found that she is having an allergic reaction to the dye that the abuser used, shockingly, wall paint was used, and they will wash her for many times till she returns to the normal color. After the kitten will recover, she will be put for adoption. We wish that she will get to recover soon and find a loving owner and forever home.


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