This amazing dog enjoys her time swimming with dolphins, and it’s beyond incredible.

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Dogs are good swimmers, most of dogs can swim perfectly and they don’t want to get out of the water, but this dog made it different. This dog wanted to play with dolphins, so why not swim with them? Meet Kira, the extraordinary dog with the extraordinary talent. Kira the dog went with a trip with her owner on the boat and it seems that the doggie was enjoying it. And when she saw dolphins, she jumped into the water, and the fun started. Kira enjoys swimming with wild dolphins. Actually, what Kira the dog did, is something every human wishes to do, I am amazed, and I wish I was in her place. I really love watching this video again and again; your face will hurt from smiling.

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No one can hate dolphins, they are man’s friends, and also they are the best type of fish for kids. Knowing more about their life and how they live is amazing, so here are some adorable and stunning facts about our beloved dolphins. Surprisingly, dolphins can’t stay underwater for more than 15 minutes because they can’t breathe underwater, also dolphins live in groups that contain from 10 to 12 dolphins. About the breeds, there are 36 breeds of ocean dolphins and about 5 breads of river dolphins, and the largest dolphin is the killer whale, actually it is called OCRA. Dolphins communicate by sounds and whispers they do under water.
We can’t get enough of watching dolphins, watch this amazing video of a dolphin who had figured out a very smart way to eat, it’s incredibly amazing. Don’t miss also to watch this German shepherd who jumped from the boat to join the dolphins in the sea; what he did was so unexpected.

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