This amazing dog is helping mom


Dogs are the most loving, kindest, and most protective, they are energetic and playful, and they are the most loving for babies, also the most helpful. I’ve never seen something like this in my entire life.  This is a video of how a dog is mom’s best friend.  The dog helps the mom change the baby’s diaper by getting her the things she needs to get the job done. The dog first gets the diaper, and then Mom successfully changes the baby, then the dog gets the dirty diaper and throws it into the diaper pail.  The dog is rewarded with high fives and kisses.  This gives me new ideas of things I can train my dog to do.  Watch the video then click on the subscribe button to view more videos like this one, there is many amazing videos of the beagle dog and the cute little baby.

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The video gained a huge success after it was uploaded on YouTube by the channel specially made for that dog, “Charlie the beagle and Laura Olivia”. The channel already uploaded many videos for Charlie, you can see him also swinging her in her baby swing bed so she can sleep, and the dog loves the baby very much.  The video gained about 2 million views with thousands of shares on social media websites and pets’ blogs.  Also the music which was attached to the video is cute, the track named “Sock Hop” by Kevin MacLeod. So don’t forget to share this video with your family and friends

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