This Amazing woman gives horses a second chance at life

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Horses are one of the most beautiful animals on Earth. They have lots of breeds, and are known for their strong physical build and their excellent speed and ability to race. They are always used for the sport of horseback riding or horse racing, and they are such delicate and easy to tame creatures.

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Some people, however, only see the money making side of every beautiful thing. This is why, nowadays, horse racing is becoming more than just a sport, but rather, a business that has the sole purpose of making money, regardless of the souls and bodies of animals that it hurts.

The shocking truth is that illegal breeding doesn’t happen only with dogs and cats. Horses are also the target of such illegal act, due to the fact that they can be used for horse racing championships. Every time a person bets in a horse race, the money goes to support breeding operations and the death of innocent colts. Breeders go beyond limits to get their mares to give birth to as many foals as possible.

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But on the other hand, a mare, which is a grown female horse, can’t have a foal and nurse a newborn at the same time, so the breeders keep the colts around long enough until their mothers produce valuable milk and then bring in the thoroughbreds to consume all that milk. It’s beyond evil. Not every horse can be in racing business, so the nurse mare foals are just born to die, with not enough food left for them.
But luckily, there is one woman who is willing to give her life to save the lives of those innocent young horses. Her name is Victoria Goss, and she has been running her shelter, called Last Chance Corral, since 2008.
Watch the video to hear about the touching story and what Victoria is doing to help those horses.