This Asian country is celebrating a festival every year, just to thank dogs


There is still a bright side in this world, at the same time that the Chinese dog butchers wanted to celebrate the Yulin festival, there is another Asian country appreciating and honoring dogs. In Nepal, India, during a festival there, they decided to dedicate a day during that festival to thank and honor dogs for their friendship and loyalty.


The festival is called the Diwali and it’s called also the Festival of lights, and it’s celebrated by Hindus, millions celebrate this festival in fall all over India, but especially in Nepal, they dedicated that day for dogs, and they called it the Kukur Tihar or the Kukur Puja which means the worship pf the dogs. By celebrating it, they are thanking dogs for everything. The photo below is breathtaking, it’s very heartwarming to see those flower necklaces around their necks, and it’s amazing how they celebrate dogs.


As Indian traditions, they put the Tika on the dog’s forehead, which is red colored powder-, which means honor, respect and blessings. Garlands are found in the streets, and also lots of delicious dog food, isn’t it amazing?


Look at the photos of the celebrating, look how the dogs are smiling, look at how their eyes sparkle, let’s compare it with that horrific Yulin festival! This celebration is a reminder of how dogs are amazing and loving, how loyal they are. Nepal was one of the countries that experienced the loyalty of dogs lately after the horrible earthquake that hit the town, leaving lots of victims behind, but dogs were there in every second of the rescuing missions, rescuing and searching for missing people.


The photos of the celebration are breathtaking, I wish that this celebration is taking place in every country; it’s the simplest way to thank dogs.


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