This Border collie dog is a sailor! What he can do on the boat will totally amaze you.

This Border collie dog is a sailor! What he can do on the boat will totally amaze you.

I am totally amazed, it’s unbelievable! Dogs have unlimited skills that they amaze us with it every day. In Pirogovo, Kiev loves to sail with his sailboat, but what is amazing about it is he is having a very unusual sailor, a Border collie dog. The Border Collie dog will totally amaze you by what he is doing, you can call him captain Collie, he knows how to hoist a sail, steer the rudder, and not just that, he also knows how to tie up a dock, and he also knows how to enjoy the sea, you will be amazed after watching him doing these things perfectly. By the end of the video, you will see how much photos he has. This Border collie made me believe that dogs can share your interests if you just love them and train them well, it’s totally amazing.

It’s not new on Border collie dogs to do the most fascinating things, they are very smart. Border collie dogs are furry and charming, they are very intelligent dogs, and they can be trained for a very high degree because of their intelligence. Farmers always have them, because they can learn many tricks that can helps them in work. The border collie life span is about 12 years old, and their weight is about 12 to 20 kg, and their high is about 46 to 56 cm. Border Collie dogs are also sensitive, they also must be well socialized . Border collie can hear anything that moves, and their curiosity may let them fall for anything, so it’s better to put a fence surrounding the garden if he is an outdoor dog. Grooming is very important for Border collie, because they shed a lot, so it’s very important to brush them daily.

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