This Brave Dog Went From Severe Mange & Infections, to THIS!

8-30-2015 1-14-00 PM

Animals that are living on the streets are often subjected to really tough situations that leave their physical and psychological health at huge risk. However, it is always heartwarming to hear that some people are willing to make effort in order to save an animal that is in need, they give those hopeless animals a second chance in life.

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And because of these rescues, we get to see the most amazing transformations taking place, and it proves to us that all dogs just need a bit of kindness in order to be able to reach their full potential.This is one of the most amazing and mouth-dropping transformations that I have seen so far. This brave little dog has been through so much, but all he needed was just a little bit of love in order to become the handsome and happy pup he was meant to be!

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When Augustus was found by the Heart of Alabama rescue organization, he suffered from severe mange, worms, and ear infections. His eyes were his only visible feature due to the mange, and he was incredibly weak.However, after receiving the required medical care, slowly Augustus started to bloom. In the video you can see how day by day his condition started to improve. By the end of the video, you will be totally amazed when you see what happened after Augustus has completed his medication and when his fur grew back! Augustus is now a happy, handsome little pooch, who is super playful and never stops smiling.

Isn’t it such a heartwarming transformation? I could barely believe what I saw. We are so glad for everyone who helped Augustus reach this transformation.Watch the video below to see the amazing journey that Augustus went through, and don’t forget to share it with your family and friends.