This brave woman bravely wrestled an alligator to save her dog

Dogs are by nature known to be very protective of their owners and anyone they have shared the house with, and they are known for staying loyal to their owners and their family, and to always try to protect them no matter how tough the situation is.

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And so, when our dogs are put in a dangerous situation, it’s only a natural thing to want to defend them and rescue them, and I am so glad to see that some people are willing to risk their lives in order to save their little furry friends, it’s truly heartwarming, and it restores my faith in humanity.

This video shows the incredible thing that this brave woman did to save her dog. This story happened recently in Florida, and it all started when Lori Beiswinger was in the Point ‘o Woods golf course with her dog, Hope. Then, something startling happened.

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Suddenly, Hope was grabbed into the water by a 7 foot long alligator! When Lori saw this, she tried to yell for help, but then decided to take matters into her own hands. She jumped into the water and actually wrestled in order to save her dog! However, she wasn’t successful, and had to get out of the water before the alligator caught her too. Then, god sent them a guardian angel, Jodie Daniels, a golf course volunteer. Daniels was able to free the dog using a shovel. Hope survived the attack with a severed artery, but she is now recovering. As for the alligator, it was caught and put down to guarantee the safety of the golfers.

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This is such an amazing rescue. It is so inspiring to see how selflessly Lori put her own life on the line to save her beloved dog.

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