This Bulldog found his new favorite toy! And whatever happens, He won’t Give It Up

8-13-2015 12-50-12 PM

Dogs always love to have new toys, and once they got one, they turn to be so much crazy about it they refuse even to leave it aside, they will play with the new toy all day, and you may also find them sleeping beside it.

I think we did the same when we were kids, when we got a new toy we spent our day only playing with it. We also do the same now when we get a new phone or a new anything. This cute English bulldog is actually doing the same.

Now this English bulldog had discovered a new toy, a cardboard box! Interesting! But actually from the second he found it, he refused to let it from his mouth, he tugged on it and refused to let it go or even let his owner take iteven if this toy would prevent him from seeing where he is going, even it was the reason of some hits, he still won’t let it go.

8-13-2015 12-50-36 PM

As you see in the video, he hit himself in the wall, the car and also the tree! And he still didn’t want to stop tugging on the cardboard box. But how can you convince a dog to leave his new toy? Even if he actually has no idea where he is going, it does not matter; he wants the box to be with him.

For a whole 3 minutes, the bulldog is tugging on the box and refusing to let it go, and while watching it, you won’t stop laughing at it. So how does your pet react when you bring them a toy, do they stay playing with it all day long?

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