This Bulldog Puppy Is Experiencing The Rain For The First Time, And It’s Adorable!


We all know how all dogs love the rain; they love to play outside while it’s raining, and it’s all followed by playing in the mud. It seems that this bulldog is so excited, because it’s the first time he sees rain.

When we were young, we got very excited when we felt the first few drops falling.  We put on our Wellies and started splashing in the puddles.  This is exactly what this cute bulldog did, without the Wellies of course. It seems that he was excited too, and he got ready to do some splashing.  Watch how he observes the drops falling, he doesn’t know what they are but he knows that he loves playing with them. I think this is definitely his first time in the rain.


Bulldogs always made us smile by their funny adventures, despite their laziness sometimes; they are definitely known to be perfect guard dogs. Bulldogs are kind, courageous, and definitely not aggressive or vicious. They are friendly with other pets and dogs, and they are known to be perfect dogs for families.  They always form a strong bond with children. Bulldogs can become too attached to their home that they wouldn’t go out in the yard without a human companion. They are quite lazy, and they are more likely to sleep on someone’s lap than go chase a ball. The breed’s lifespan is an average of 8 to 10 years. Like all dogs, bulldogs need regular exercise, and it is better if you exercised your dog daily.

Your dog should wear a rain coat and a paw boot to protect them from the rain if they are playing outside. Now watch this little bulldog, and if you liked the video, don’t forget to share it with your family and friends.