This Bulldog Wanted to get into the chair, See The Very End For The Ultimate Fail

If you are a dog owner, I am sure that you have witnessed something like this; dogs love to do things on their own special way, like those dogs that have a special way in climbing the stairs, for them it’s like a new struggle, or a mission that they have to achieve.


This dog is in one of those struggles, what he did will make you laugh hysterically. This dog is having a new task to do today, it’s like a new challenge that he has to accomplish, and this chair seemed to be his favorite. So the cute dog wanted to climb this chair and get cozy on it for some time, but things turned to be HILARIOUS!

Video: A Courageous Bulldog Figured Out A New Way To Get To The Bottom Of The Stairs

The chubby dog started the mission, he jumped, trying his best, to sit on the chair, he had a hard time to lift his hind part up to the chair, it seems that this bulldog is having the hardest time! After more than 10 seconds of struggling he finally landed safely, well done doggie!But hold on a second, because something unexpected will happen now!

8-1-2015 4-10-08 PM

Video: This Bulldog Is Struggling To Take Off The Life Jacket, Get Ready To Laugh Hard

It seems that failure is following that chubby dog, what happened in the end will make you fall off the chair from laughing, the dog’s hind leg got stuck in the side of the chair, so while he was trying to turn around to lift it up, he fell down off the chair, oh sweet baby, next time you will show this chair who is the boss.

8-1-2015 4-10-45 PM

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