This cat goes crazy each time she smells the can of olives!

This cat goes crazy each time she smells the can of olives!

This cat had gone crazy, what she is doing is absolutely hilarious, and the reason is the can of olives. Each time the cat smells the olives can, she goes crazy lying on the floor making a very weird moves upside down, and when the cat is up, she stands in front of her owner like she is asking him to sniff the can again, so she repeats that weird moves. The owners were laughing hardly on this. We really need to know the scientific reason behind this.

YouTube community had another point of view about that video; so many viewers had some negative reviews about what this owner had done to the cat. As they said, what this cat is doing and the way she reacted when she smelled the olive can means that she is in real pain. The olive smell is hurting her, so the owner should stop when he finds that his cat is acting like this. So many smells interrupt cats and make them feel in pain, like garlic, lemon and perfumes, so you shouldn’t let your cat smell them. Also there are so many kinds of human food that is not good for your cat, Tuna is not good for cats, it’s not full with all the nutrition that the cat needs, too much tuna can cause mercury poisoning. Milk and dairy products can be not good for cats, much of them cause digestive problems and diarrhea. also sugars and anything contains xylitol which causes increasing in the insulin, cats don’t have a pancreases which means they can’t burn sugar, they only burn it while moving or playing, so it’s better to prevent anything with sugar in it, or any kind of candy. Dog food is not allowed at all, also bones.

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