This cat has crazy cat’s eyes, SUPER FUNNY!

6-22-2014 1-29-30 PM

The cat in this video is funny, I couldn’t stop laughing during watching this, I can’t decide if he is playing hide and seek with his owner or if he is simply being a crazy cat.  Watch his eyes for the first time he rises above the bed, they are almost creepy. The way he did it was incredible, also the way he takes his head down was awesome, and I laughed hard.  The cat’s crazy eyes make this video either funny or creepy; it depends on your point of view.   Watch to see if you think the cat’s eyes are creepy or funny. Don’t forget to share it with your family and friends.

Cats are very playful and full of energy, they always like to play and run, so here are the best games that you can play with your cat. From the most well-known games is “a mouse under the Blanket” it’s when you put your hand under a cover or a blanket and start to move it in different directions; you will find the cat is trying to make the catch. It’s better to make cat toys by yourself, like the knits balls, cats love to catch and run after them, and also you can play with lasers, but if you find that your cat is getting nervous, you will have to stop it immediately.

The video was uploaded on YouTube and gained a huge success; it received more than 1 million views and thousands of reviews and shares on all social media websites and pets’ blogs.

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