This cat is getting a new haircut; her reaction is the funniest ever.

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Grooming or bathing time is one of the hardest times for your cat, you are lucky if they just acted like this cat in the video. She is only feeling “upset” and she is showing it, but on the other hand, there are some cats that will totally refuse to stand up like this, leaving the groomer doing what he wants. Now this Himalayan Persian cat is so upset of her new hair cat, she gave the groomer that scary look, if I was in his place, I would run immediately before this cat attacks me. Be calm kitty, by the end of the grooming you will look fabulous as always.

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Every cat owner knows that the bathing and grooming time is the most hardest for both of us and our beloved cats. Does your cat hate water or bathing time? Do they hate the groomer and the scissors? Do all cats act like this It’s the hardest time for all of us to bath a cat or to groom it. Cats have a layer of its fur that is water resistant to a degree, once it becomes wet and drenched, the cat feels uncomfortable. Also cats never experienced water before; and especially first times will be very hard when you try to bath her. So before bathing your cute cat, you have to wear something thick to avoid scratches and harms. Try also to calm your cute cat down while bathing her. Use a suitable shampoo for cats and don’t wash her with cold water, make sure you washed your cat perfectly, and don’t let water comes near her ears to avoid any harms.

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Does your cat act the same when it’s time to groom her? Watch the video below and if you find it funny, share it with your family and friends.