This cat is given a frozen ice cream treat, what she did was absolutely amazing!

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Actually, no one hates ice cream, who can hate it? And surprisingly, it seems that cats are the same, they do love ice cream, it’s awesome, it’s like the ice cream is making a BRAIN FREEZE. The way that the cat reacted when she got that frozen ice cream treat was amazing, and you won’t stop laughing about it.

Despite this funny video, it’s not right to feed your cat any kind of ice cream, it’s not right to feed your cat something that cold, and also it’s not right to feed your cat any sugary thing. Because it causes increasing in the insulin, cats don’t have a pancreas which means they can’t burn sugar, they only burn it while moving or playing, so it’s better to prevent anything with sugar in it, or any kind of candy.

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There are so many kinds of food that is not good for your cat, maybe you think it’s ok to feed it to them but it’s surprisingly not. Tuna is not good for cats, it’s not full with all the nutrition that the cat needs, too much tuna can cause mercury poisoning. Milk and dairy products can be not good for cats, much of them cause digestive problems and diarrhea. Anything that contains caffeine, like coffee and tea; also chocolates are dangerous, also sugars and anything contains xylitol. Raw eggs are also dangerous; the bacteria in it might cause poison, and some enzymes that may cause skin problems. Livers are not good for cats at all, small amounts are ok, but much of it can cause vitamin A toxicity and it will affect the cat’s bones. Dog food is not allowed at all, also bones. Don’t allow your cat to eat chocolates or anything with cocoa powder in it.

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Watch this cute cat in the video below and share it with your family and friends.