This Cat Is Unwanted Because How He Looks, Till A Day Everything Changed!


Sometimes people seek the outside beauty and they ignore how beautiful a one’s soul can be! This what happened to a cat named, Wesley. He is a little one eyed cat who was taken into a shelter with no information about his previous life.

No one really knows what caused him to have only one eye, or even if he had two eyes at birth or not. Though, staff of the shelter had mixed feelings about that little cat.


One of the shelter visitors said, she had fallen in love with Wesley at the first sight, but she didn’t have enough money to adopt him.

Other people were not so interested with him at all because of his shocking appearance!

Six months later, Wesley was still at the shelter with no possible hope to get a forever home.

Wesley seems to have enough lucky instead, the woman who loved him came back and took him to be his forever loving owner!


The woman loves his pirate looks, which she loves to show off her Instagram. However, he was given the title of “special needs” at the shelter because of his appearance, the one-eyed cat doesn’t face any difficulty to live as any other little cat.


The pirate cat, Wesley, now lives with his loving owner and he is surrounded by another feline sibling in a forever home where a loving family showers both of them with love and compassion.


Many other animals are waiting to find a forever home too! Share the pirate cat’s story with your family and friends so these loving animals have their chances to live the lives they all deserve!


via heroviral.com