This Cat Protesting about taking a bath with a new way, and it’s totally unbelievable!

8-15-2015 5-01-10 PM

Every cat owner knows how hard it is to bath a cat; it’s not easy at all. Few cats love water, but most cats totally refuse it. Every cat has her own way to say no for bath, but this cat is absolutely different, she is refusing to take a bath by saying “No” to her owner!

Let me tell you, I was totally surprised when I saw this, I’ve never imagined that there is a cat on earth that can say “No”. It seems that this cat is so annoyed because of her bath time; it’s not a funny thing for her at all. So when her owner held her to start bathing, the cat said “No”, can’t believe it? Watch it by yourself! Poor cat.

8-15-2015 5-01-26 PM

This cat is enjoying her bath time, and refusing to leave the tub, it’s completely hilarious

Does your cat hate water or bathing time? Do all cats act like this? Or is it just a rumor? It’s the hardest time for all of us to bath a cat. Cats have a layer of its fur that is water resistant to a degree, once it becomes wet and drenched, the cat feels uncomfortable. Also cats never experienced water before; and especially first times will be very hard when you try to bath them. So before bathing your cute cat, you have to wear something thick to avoid scratches and harms. Try also to calm your cute cat down while bathing her. Use a suitable shampoo for cats and don’t wash her with cold water, make sure you washed your cat perfectly, and don’t let water comes near her ears to avoid any harms.

8-15-2015 5-03-32 PM

So how does your cat reacts like when it’s time for a bath? Don’t forget to share this video with your family and friends.