This Cat’s Reaction to Her Owner’s Smelly Feet is Hilarious!

8-16-2015 4-07-44 PM

Cats are definitely lovely pets. With their adorable faces and fluffy furs, they are quite hard to resist! And although cats are generally sleepy creatures, it’s undeniable that sometimes they get extra playful and extra curious, which is never a good combination! Cats playing with random objects is always fun to watch, until they break something, which usually happens! But still, we love cats more than anything, because nothing feels as good as the moment when they cuddle up to us and purr with happiness.

8-16-2015 4-06-51 PM

The internet is full of videos of cats being irresistibly adorable. What makes cats very fun to watch is how hilarious their reactions to everything are! If you have a cat at home, then like most owners, you’ve tested out different behaviors in front of your cat to see how it will react, and every time, the cat has a different reaction!


This short video shows one of these awesome reactions. When this video was first posted by People’s Daily in China, it made cat lovers worldwide go crazy with laughter, and has been shared widely since then.The short but hilarious video shows how a cat reacted when she smelled her owner’s stinky foot! Like most cats, this one likes to smell everything that she sees, so when she came close to her owner’s foot, she was shocked by the smell, so much that she clawed at the foot. Isn’t it hilarious? The funniest part is how by the end of the video the cat just falls back because she can’t stand the smell anymore!

Well, this should be enough reason for the man to finally wash his feet! This short video is just super cute. Watch it below and don’t forget to make someone’s day by sharing it with your friends and family!