This Chihuahua dog plays with the new rescued little kitten, and they are amazing!

3-16-2015 7-34-32 PM

It’s amazing how dogs treat kittens sometimes, I believe that the bond between a dog and a cat is very strong, it’s very beautiful, and it always leaves us speechless and amazed by the way they react with each other, especially with kittens, and this video is one of the cutest thing that I have ever seen. You will see this cute Chihuahua dog meeting the new member, a little cute kitten that was rescued a few days ago. They are enjoying their time together, both are adorable, the Chihuahua dog is playing with his new friend, and by the end of the video, the Chihuahua dog tried to give her some kisses, but the cute little kitten was bopping him on his nose, she is not done with playing yet. Both of them are cuties, I am sure that they will be best friends.

3-16-2015 7-35-28 PM

If you want a dog and cat to have a strong friendship like those adorable two, it’s easy to develop. First, give a walk to your dog before introducing the dog and cat to each other, tie the dog before meeting the cat, and make sure that you are in complete control of him because the cat might run away so you have to control him to not follow her. Create a box and let the cat know its place, so she can hide if it’s necessary, and for it to be in high places that your dog can’t reach. You have to allow sniffing, they have to know the smell of each other, also you have to reward him for good behavior with the cat, and allow the food, water and litter box in a place where she doesn’t have to pass in front of the dog. And don’t ever leave them alone. After a few days you will find it easy, and you will find that a special friendship had been created.

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