This clever dog loves to play “Patty Cake” with his owner.

4-25-2015 3-54-53 PM

There are so many games that dogs love very much, like playing catch and fetch, or playing on the trampoline, and also running and chasing, some dogs are interested in tennis balls and balloons or cute little colored balls. But there is another funny game that joins the list; this cute dog loves to play “patty cake”. I know what you are saying; you think that no dog can play “patty cake”? Think again because this dog will prove to you that dogs can!

The America’s Funniest Videos had uploaded this funny video on their YouTube Channel showing a cute dog, who is playing “patty cake” with his owner, and it will leave you impressed, and it seems that the dog really enjoyed it; he loves to play the game! When they finished their turn, the dog got some delicious yummy treats, I think nothing is more interesting for dogs than to play and get treats in return!

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Training your dog to play a game like this is very easy, but it’s very important to be really patient about it, and if you have a puppy, it will be ways too easy to train him. Start it with raising your hand, and let your dog the same and train him to touch your hands with his paws, repeat it many times in both directions, and speed it a little when your dog understands it. Prepare lots of treats so your dog gets motivated. After your dog learns to play “Patty cake” you have to play it always with your dog.

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It’s an amazing new game; you can now train your dog to play “patty cake”, bring some treats and start it. Have you ever experienced training your dog on a special game to play with you? Tell us more about it in the comments below.