This Corgi dog found another usage for dogs’ bed!

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Meet Gatsby the Corgi dog, he is totally different, he is a lovely dog, funny yet playful. When you will see what he is doing here, you won’t stop laughing. At first, you will see a dog’s bed, but suddenly you will find that the bed is moving, the Corgi dog is crawling around the room under his bed, guess what this dog is up to? He is playing around, when his owner found his dog doing this, he grabbed his camera to record his funny dog.

What I liked more about this video is that second part of it when the owner and his corgi dog started to stare at each other, it started at 0:56, they were hilarious! You can also subscribe to their channel on YouTube so you can see more of their adventures.

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Corgi dogs are the cutest and the most adorable, and this video is a proof, their cute little size and their furry coat makes them the best choice for those who live in small apartments. They weigh about 12 kg, and their life span is about 11 years old. Also there are two breeds of corgis, the Cardigan and the Pembroke. They’ve got so many wonderful morals; they are intelligent, sweet, very active and steady. Corgi dog is intelligent and active, but it won’t prevent them from being stubborn, so good training and cart training is recommended, and it’s better to start it from the first weeks. There are more types of corgi dogs like the Welsh corgi and the Pembroke Welsh corgi. They are very good with children, you will find them very friendly with your kids, and it’s also good to raise them with other pets, they are very friendly and kind, also playful and energetic.

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