This cute dog is comforting his baby friend while she is sick.

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As per scientist’s statistics, the Newfoundland has sweet disposition. When you see this animal, you can feel that you see a lovable teddy bear. This breed is known for their love for children, also it is intelligent, and wants to please.

The Newfoundland dogs are very happy when they were with their families, so it isn’t recommended to leave them alone for long periods of time or be attached to the backyard or a kennel. Sebastian the Newfoundland dog, he is just the cutest best friend to his human, he joins Sierra on bed and displaying its sweet and loving side to comfort her, the girl felt a little bit better after being comforted by the canine. As all of us know that comfort is the best thing we can give to distressed people also it is the best thing for those who are not in the mood or have problems, sick and many more. What we see in that clip proves that love has no boundary or limitations, the animals are really amazing they know how to express it. Not only humans who can offer comfort to someone, because even animals such as dogs can do the same. Indeed, love and affection overloads on this video. Like every dog, the Newfoundland needs early socialization, they want to be surrounded by many different experiences when young, sounds, people and sights.

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Socialization helps those dogs to be grown up properly, so the owners of Newfoundland should enroll them a puppy kindergarten class.

They love that their life is full of activities like inviting visitors over regularly, or you can take him to busy parks, or cafes that allow dogs when they grow, they are huge dogs. This breed likes to live in villas, not a normal floor, so they need more space, so they can live happily.

If you enjoyed seeing Sebastian and her little friend, you can see him again when she gave him a bath or when they were playing hide and seek.

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