This cute German shepherd wakes up the little boy every day, and it ends in the funniest way

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Well, I can tell, this German shepherd dog takes his job very seriously. We know how it’s hard to wake up your kids every morning; every mother knows how it feels like. But this German shepherd decided to help the mother in this job, so every day in the morning he wakes up this little boy, and every day, the boy tries to fight it a little, he tries to catch more of sleeping moments, but the German shepherd dog knows best, he knows that there is no time to waste, there is a school bus waiting! So the dog tries his best to wake the boy up, and every day it ends up having as much fun as the dog

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German shepherd are very loving and caring, they are very gentle, they are very strong dogs, and they are just great in guarding. Also German shepherd dogs are very protective, intelligent, and they are very loving and loyal. Simply, they are happiness itself. Maybe owning a German shepherd dog is the best thing that would happen in your life, but before deciding to own one, you have to know that it’s the wrong choice if you are a busy person. They need plenty of your time to give them, they can’t stand to sit alone for a long while; when German shepherds are alone they get depressed and nervous. At first, they will be suspicious to strangers, so you have to get them socialized, take your German shepherd dog to parks and clubs where people are available there, to raise its social well behaved activity

It seems that German shepherd dogs are specialized in waking up their owners; watch this video of a German shepherd dog wakes up his owner every day. Don’t forget to share this video after watching2-26-2015 3-32-04 PM