This Doberman was found paralyzed, see the amazing transformation, it’s a miracle.

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It’s very touching yet heartwarming to see a dog that got over his difficulties and never gave up till he survived. Here you are about to meet Kenny, the Doberman dog who was paralyzed when he was rescued in April 2013. It all started when Bill Foundation rescued this Doberman who was suffering a severe spinal injury that caused him to be completely paralyzed.

His condition was horrible, it led many experts to completely believe that Kenny the Doberman will never survive and he will never walk normally on his legs again. They believed that Kenny should be euthanized.

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But some amazing rescuers believed that this dog can walk again and run like a normal dog, so they decided to start a physical therapy; they decided to give Kenny the dog a helping hand. You won’t believe the amazing transformation. What you will see now is adorably priceless, it was like a miracle. Now Kenny the Doberman dog has totally recovered, look at him, he is finally walking on his paws, he is finally feeling great and living like normal dogs.

It’s an incredible transformation, just look at the first seconds in the video, Kenny was not able to move his body, he was totally paralyzed and he was about to die, but when they started the therapy, everything changed, you can see hope in his eyes, and now he is running happily, living a normal life after all what he had faced before.

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Imagine how it can be if this dog was euthanized! Imagine how it can be if they gave up on him, sometimes all what a dog needs in life is to have a second chance, because every dog needs to live the live that he really deserves.

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