This dog got the best present ever, and it’s totally funny

1-27-2015 2-29-57 AM

Dogs have an obsession with balloons, and this Jack Russell Terrier is one of them, and today he is having the best day ever in his life. His owner decided to prepare a surprise for him, he filled up about forty balloons with water, and then he arranged it on the trampoline, and it was the time for this Jack Russell dog to pop them all, and he did it like a pro. Once he spotted the balloons, I don’t know which excitement he could control, the excitement for the trampoline or the water balloons. The Jack Russell dog started attacking the balloons by his paws. It looks like this cute one is having the most fun of his life. He popped them all, each one was exploding like a fountain, but there is only one balloon that didn’t pop from the first time, but the brave dog did it finally. He is a very brave and cute, it’s amazing how his owners encouraged him, and made sure of his safety all the time he was popping the balloons. It’s the best gift you can give to your dog. You won’t stop watching this funny video. Maybe you will think about trying it with your dog.

You will be surprised if you knew that balloon popping has a record; a dog named Anastasia had popped about 100 balloons in 44.9 seconds, and this number was recorded in Guinness World record and after that record, she appeared in lots of advertisements and print campaigns. Stuffed animals are dogs’ best friends; it’s a common thing between dogs. But there is another thing dogs actually like, and its balloons. A dog’s favorite game is popping up balloons; it’s the best gift to give.

This dog got the best present ever, and it's totally funny

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