This dog is having a serious problem with that stick! Get ready to laugh hard

5-24-2015 4-18-13 PM

We all know that dogs are smart, but sometimes they are not acting smart enough. This funny video was uploaded by America’s funniest home videos. It’s all about a cute dog who actually can’t pass on the bridge with that big tree stick, he tired many times to figure out how to pass with the stick in his mouth but he failed, after trying many attempts, he finally figured out how to pass, OH! HOW SMART! I can’t stop laughing at this hilarious video; it dropped my jaw 10 feet to the ground.

5-24-2015 4-17-50 PM

This video also reminds me of that adorable bulldog, this cute bulldog is playing and enjoying his time with this big bone toy, and now he wants to take it from the small doggie door, what he did next was hilarious. Now the dog is trying to figure out how to get this bone inside of the door, he tried over and over again to pass with the bone into the door but it was hopeless! And when he found that it’s not working, he decided to make something different, instead of passing the bone first, let us try to pass the bulldog first, watch by yourself how the dog made it. Don’t miss also to watch this beagle dog who is trying the same thing to make his toy fit the doggy door, it’s totally hilarious, he will amaze you with his smartness.

This amazing video went viral after it was uploaded three days ago. It gained more than one million views; it was shared widely on social media websites and pets blogs.

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