This dog just wanted to save her owner; it’s a story about loyalty.


Lucy is a loyal pet and a life saver. It all started when John Miles was walking with Lucy in Dorchester, and they were accidently hit by a car.

He was an old man who couldn’t handle or resist something like this, and for his bad luck, the one that hit him and his dog had ran away and didn’t stop. But his only savior was his dog, Lucy; she is an ultimate friend and rescuer.

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Lucy left her friend and ran out for some help, she started barking to grab attention from anyone around, she stood at a dental office and barked till someone opened the door, and then she went back to her friend John and stayed beside him. She was crying for him and she was also in pain. Till the emergency came and took him to the hospital. Now, John had two broken legs, a broken arm and 15 fractures on his face, and Lucy was infected with some leg fractions. We are hoping for them to get through it, and also checking the safety instructions when they walk around the next time, same for the drivers, stop driving like you are in a fast and furious movie.

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Lucy’s saving story for her owner was published on the TV news and internet social media websites; one cannot be amazed by what she did to save her owner. She is faithful and loyal; this is the type of dog who can easily change your life. Nothing is better in life than owning a loyal dog.