This Dog Reaches Through The Bars Of Her Cage, Begging For Love

8-6-2015 3-32-03 PM

Dogs in shelters are not having the amazing life that they deserve, they want to escape, and they are waiting for their forever owners who will take care of them. Photographers go to shelters sometimes to capture some photos for the dogs inside to publish it, it’s a way to help the dogs to get more adoption chances, because it comes the time when the number of rescued dogs are exceeding, euthanizing dogs becomes the only solution.

Out there, at Madera County Animal Shelter, a volunteer with a camera was taking photos for the dogs inside, but what this dog did when she saw her was really heart touching. She got out her paws between the fences, like she was begging for some attention, it’s like she was begging for her to take her out of that cage. This dog is namedGracilyn, she is a small young dog, all what she wants is a forever home and a loving owner, and she wants to play, have fun, and go for long walks. The cute dog felt like she had been in the shelter for too long! It looks like Gracilyn is very scared, and she wants to feel safe. Maybe she knew that she will be euthanized soon if she didn’t find her forever home.

Gracilyn now had been staying in the shelter for over than a month, which is in the shelter’s logic, a long period for the dog. When the period becomes longer, euthanizing dogs becomes sooner. Gracilyn is a terrier mix, and she is only weighs 20 pounds, and she is in need for a second chance at life. So, who is ready to save this scared, desperate dog?

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Gracilyn is ID# 4586 and she is in kennel 25. If you are interested in adopting her, you can call this phone number: (559) 675-7891. Help her find her forever home by sharing this link.