This Dog Spent 11 Years In Shelter, Help Her Find A Home

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What matters most for every shelter is to find the dogs they rescued a forever home, so they can live a happy life. Meet Olive, the senior dog that has been rescued eleven years ago, it’s a very long period; Olive had lived her life without a loving owner or a forever home.

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In the Yonkers Animal Shelter in New York, Olive had come to the shelter since she was a baby, and she lived there for 11 years. They tried their best to find her a home, but they failed. When she was four, she was about to be adopted by a volunteer, but shockingly before one day, the volunteer had passed away, from that moment, she was a lonely dog. Another family later decided to pay for Olive to be in a boarding facility till she gets adopted, but they were uncommitted with the payments, then she was back to the shelter.

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Everyone loves Olive, lots of people come to visit her, everyone feels like there is something that connectstheir hearts with Olive, they never figured out why she didn’t get adopted till now.

Olive needs a house, she needs a loving owner. Imagine that Olive never knew how it feels like to sleep on the couch, or between her owner’s arms? She never knew how it feels to go for long walks, to sit beside her owner and watch TV. She was never a part of a family.

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Everyone had done its best to find her a home, they know that she deserves all the love, she deserves to be happy. After being a senior dog, all what she needs is a home. If you or someone else that you know is interested in adopting Olive,send an email on crit524@gmail.com, be the one who gives her endless happiness.