This Dog Spent 122 Days In Shelter; Will You Help Him Find A Home?

Some abandoned and rescued animals stay for a long time in the shelter; no one chooses them for adoption. Every one of them is dreaming about his forever home.

This shelter had made a nice idea because of this cute dog, this dog lived in the shelter for about 122 days, when they felt that he will not get adopted; they decided to make this brilliant idea to encourage people to adopt that dog.At first, The Humane Society of South Mississippi thought that this dog is not lucky and he won’t get adopted, each volunteer there remembered the day that Elmo the dog came to them, he was in a horrible situation, sick and weak.


After dragging his name on the euthanasia list, they decided to give him a second chance, they posted a photo of him and wrote down how many days he spent in the shelter, they hoped to find someone interested in adopting him.

They were amazed when they found that the post was shared over 10,000 times, they hoped that this is the day that he will finally find his beloved owner. So it will be amazing if you shared this post too, to help Elmo find his home. Elmo’s first name was Lucky, but they felt that he is not so lucky after that long period he stayed in the shelter.


There arethousands of dogs who face the same problem in the USA shelters, which leads a lot of shelters to euthanize the dogs that haven’t found homes because of the huge number of rescued dogs that they can’t handle. Help Elmo find a new home; help him find his loving owner. If you are interested in adopting it, you can visit this link, you can also share it with your family and friends, help Elmo get the second chance at life.