This Dog Takes A Bath By Herself, Just Wait And See What She Does After She Finishes!

9-29-2015 6-43-24 PM

Imagine giving your dog a bath and all you did was use the word ‘bath’ as a magic word.  The dog obediently got into the tub and ready to get clean.  They start rinsing water and happily scrubbing themselves.  They then jump out the tub and grab a towel to dry their body.  All this while you spectate.  IMPOSSIBLE! Right? However, this Golden Retriever proved us wrong.

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Meet Brady, the smartest golden retriever, and one of the rarest types.  The type who love to take a bath.  Not just that, but Brandy does it herself.  She goes into the bath tub, washes herself, she also grabs the towel and wraps herself in it.  Then goes to her bed to take a nap. Have you ever seen something like this before? I think that every dog owner would want to train their dog in this amazing bath-time routine; Brady is a role model to every dog owner.

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How many times have you told your beloved dog that it was time to take a shower, and they just ran away? Well, it’s normal, some dogs hate taking showers, some even hate water in general. We find that all dogs argue when it comes to bath time, but maybe you are the reason behind that. The most common mistake every owner commits with his/her dog, is announcing it’s bathing time.  Once the dog knows its bath time, they will jump over hoops to avoid the toilet.   So, we advise you to give them treats on your way in, so they associate bathing with food, which will make it a lot easier.

The process of bathing is easier for owners with tiny dogs.  However it’s a lot harder with bigger or furrier breeds.  As grooming them will take longer and require more effort.